Wednesday, January 22, 2014

If you can't have him, fantasize about him... SEXY SUITORS FROM SPACE #HornyHDay #erotica

Thank you so much for joining me for another Horny Hump Day excerpt!

I'm still working on Sexy Suitors From Space, a science fiction erotica story. 
When I say erotica, I just mean the amount of sex in it. I still include HEAs and HFNs.
I can't help myself. LOL

So, here's another snippet from Sexy Suitors From Space
~Heather has been given a trip to the glass igloos  in Finland by her 
grandmother to get over finding her fiance in bed with another woman.~

While Heather's Nordic guide was not swayed by her earlier advances, 
that did not stop her from fantasizing about him. Enjoy! 

Imagining the weight of my own personal Thor on top of me, his lips sending me into a dizzying frenzy of lust, I shoved Goliath inside. My hips shot off the bed, and I cried out. Holy shit!

Horny Hump Day:
Participating authors post three SEXY sentences from their published works or WIP.
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~ Paisley XX


Jenna said...

I'm assuming Goliath is her handy "personal assistant?" :) If this is her fantasy, I can't wait for the real thing! Hot snippet!

Kathryn R. Blake said...

Oops! Was that a daydream gone bad? Who or what is Goliath? Very intriguing snippet, Paisley.

Paisley Brown said...

LOL Yes, Goliath is her toy. Thank you for stopping by! XX