Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Skylar's First Time in HIS #ALIENVIRGIN by @jsubject #HornyHDay #1NS

Warning! Not Safe For Work!!

Hello and thank you for joining me for another Horny Hump Day!

Today, I'm going to turn my blog over to my other self, Jessica E. Subject,
who has a new book releasing this Friday.

Set-up: Skylar and Daran are set up on a 1Night Stand. 
This is Skylar's first time having sex with anyone.

The passion of the kiss stole her away to a whole other world. Positioning the tip of his cock to her folds, he held her, making her soul soar.

“I want you, forever,” he whispered, sliding inside.

About His Alien Virgin:

She is desperately seeking freedom...

On the eve before her twenty-first birthday, Skylar steals a ship and escapes from the planet Rebed. She refuses to be another wife for the slimy space pirate that is her betrothed. After hearing of her brothers’ success, she applies to the 1Night Stand service on her way to Earth, hoping Madame Eve can find her a hero, to make her feel special, even if for only one night.

He is trying to fit in...

A longtime friend to Skylar’s brothers, he’s always relegated her to the look and don’t touch category. Though, Daran traveled to Earth years ago, he still struggles to fit in on the planet. When his boss suggests a blind date, he reluctantly agrees. What would happen if anyone found out about his alien ancestry?

And they are not at all meant to be together...

Has Madame Eve made a huge mistake, or will Daran tread into forbidden territory to be with the one woman he’s always wanted, and become the hero Skylar craves?

His Alien Virgin releases March 28.

Horny Hump Day:
Participating authors post three SEXY sentences from their published works or WIP.
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And don't worry. Next week I'll have my blog back.

~ Paisley XX


Patricia Green said...

I had no idea you were Jessica Subject! Wow, you learn something new and nifty every day. :)

Jenna said...

I had figured it out a couple of weeks ago. You are so uber talented! And this is a hot snippet whoever you are at the moment. :)

Carrie-Anne said...

I also had no idea I was already familiar with your alter ego! It's a very sensual scene, the kind of first time everyone deserves.