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Countdown to SEXY SUITORS FROM SPACE ~ 3 days before release #scifi #erotica

Hello! Thank you for joining me for day three of my new release countdown!

Here's the third excerpt from 

Thor dropped his hands and smiled, but the upturn of his lips didn’t travel all the way to his eyes. Flattered, but not interested. Probably married, too.

With a groan of disappointment, I stepped away and unzipped my parka. Might as well get comfortable, even if I do have to spend all of my time alone. “Fine, then. Yes, I would appreciate an escort to dinner.” If I didn’t have one, I’d likely get lost in the snowstorm, not able to tell up from down.

After a quick nod, he lifted his hood and left. A cold breeze rushed in during the quick moment the door stood open and a chill ran through me. Shivering, I considered zipping up again, but decided to dive under the covers of the double bed. Or maybe a hot shower would be better.

Shucking off the bulky layers, I headed for the bathroom, desperately needing something to warm me up. After opening the door, I wanted to slam it shut again.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

No shower. Just a damn toilet and sink. No tub, I could understand, but was it too much to expect at least a tiny stall to wash up in? This is turning out to be the worst vacation ever.

I rushed to the bed, not worrying if anyone spotted me naked. It wasn’t as if anyone could see anything with the snow flying around. Diving under the covers, I yanked them up to my chin, willing a way to stop the shakes tormenting me.

The usual haunting vision of Todd fucking another woman crept into my mind, but I shoved it aside. I didn’t need him making this trip worse. Besides, I had fresh fodder from my guide to fantasize with. Interested or not, he couldn’t stop me from imagining him licking my pussy or pounding into me with what was sure to be a gloriously large cock. Liquid fire rushed through my veins, forcing away the chill.

I drew a finger along my slick folds, picturing my guide between my legs, his tongue darting in and out of me while he rubbed my clit with his thumb. Pleasure I’d craved for so long.

Reaching over the side of the bed, I tugged open the nightstand drawer, hoping for something cock-shaped to fill me. I gasped when I saw a long box with my name on it. Who’d left it, I had no idea. Slipping off the lid, I found a silver bullet vibrator and a huge dildo beside it, labeled Goliath. A strange gift. But with my growing desire, I didn’t care. The object would fill every inch of my pussy as I’m sure my guide would have.

After a quick trip to the bathroom to wash the items, I dropped the bullet into the larger toy and scurried into bed.

Imagining the weight of my own personal Thor on top of me, his lips sending me into a dizzying frenzy of lust, I shoved Goliath inside. My hips shot off the bed, and I cried out. Holy shit!

On his knees, he pounds in and slides out again, ready for the next attack. Over and over, each plunge ramps up the electric tension, filling me with nothing but need. I grab his thighs and thrust toward him, meeting him halfway. There is no slowing the pace, no relenting, just a mad rush for release. His grunts grow louder and he rams into my pussy, the force and the swell of his cock sending me over the edge.

My body twitches. The orgasm rips through me in shock waves and I draw him back down on me. In between raspy breaths, he melds his lips to mine, taking all I have to offer with his demanding kiss. Our tongues battle in an erotic war, neither one of us retreating. He rocks inside me, gearing up for another round. And I am ready.

More, give me more.

Sexy Suitors from Space 

Sci-Fi Erotica Menage

ISBN: 978-0-9919320-6-1

A vacation to the far North...

Heather is gifted a week away at a resort in the Arctic Circle by her grandmother, a chance to finally move on after finding her fiancé in bed with another woman.

With two Nordic hunks to keep her company...

The two sexy studs make is easy to get over her failed relationship. That is, until they tell her their secret.

Are the two men really extraterrestrials or just a fantasy created by her lonely soul?

Caution: Includes alien probing, anal sex, and a hot MFM ménage.

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