Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cara is rewarded for a good job in SEX BOOT CAMP #MySexySaturday #erotica #NSFW

Caution! Not Safe For Work!

My Sexy Saturday

Hello everyone! Thank you for joining me for the 43rd week of My Sexy Saturday.

Have you ever read about a character that exudes sexy? You know the ones. The ones who think they’re plain or can’t understand what the hero or heroine sees in them. The ones that make our hearts flutter and gives us a reason to keep reading. Sure, there are tons of characters who are okay with their sexuality but there are just as many who don’t get what others see in them.

This week we're sharing those characters who are doing sexy and don’t realize it. Every character has to appeal to readers and each are different in oh so many ways. We're showing us the characters that make our hearts sing as they go on their journey of discovery about themselves and those they love.

Here's seven from SEX BOOT CAMP, an erotica menage story.

Set-up: In this EROTICA story, Cara is brought to Sex Boot Camp by her boyfriend. She doesn't know at all what to expect, or that staying will involve having sex with others. She just had a lesson in how to give oral sex.

He raised his eyebrows. “Are you ready for your reward?”

I chewed my bottom lip and nodded, my stomach fluttering with all of the possibilities.

“Then I need you to remove all of your clothing, lie back on the bed, and spread open for me.”

For him? Oh, God, was he really going to fuck me? But he hadn’t brought any condoms. Maybe he planned to wash my vagina. Not exactly the reward I’d hoped for.

I did as instructed and waited for Daemon to approach. Instead, he stared between my legs and licked his lips, his cock hard again. “I don’t know what it is about you, Cara, but you make me want things I’ve never craved before.”

Taking a deep breath, I shuddered. I felt the same about him. Before meeting Daemon, I’d never considered fucking a guy I’d just met. But at that moment, I wanted him. No hesitation.

He sauntered to the bed and climbed on, kneeling between my legs. As he grazed a finger through my folds, a sly smile formed across his wonderfully kissable lips. “I’m going to eat you, Cara. I’m going to eat your pussy and make you scream.”


A week away...

After a hectic month at work, Cara expects to spend the next few days relaxing in her pajamas. Until her boyfriend surprises her with a getaway to a remote location.

To open her mind...

When she arrives at Sex Boot Camp, she anticipates her boyfriend will be by her side. Instead, she is left with a houseful of curious young women and a sexy instructor.

And fulfill desires she never dreamed of...

Although reluctant at first, Cara becomes entangled in a world of seduction and wicked fantasies.

Caution: This story contains an Alpha leader who ensures his guests leave satisfied, hot woman-on-woman action, and an MFM ménage that will leave you breathless.


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