Friday, October 31, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Paisley #pennames #authorslife

Hello my dear readers,

It comes with great sadness that I announce that I will no longer be writing as Paisley Brown. Unfortunately, I am not finding enough time to write enough under both names, so I am going back to one. I will be closing down my Goodreads, Twitter and Triberr accounts, and my Facebook page. I will no longer be posting on Google+ or on this blog. But, I will keep this blog site open for future reference. Feel free to go back and check out some of the awesome guests I've had since October of last year, and read excerpts from the two stories I did release under this name.

Sexy Suitors from Space and Sex Boot Camp will still be available, and at the low price of only 99¢! But, you might notice a slight change in the covers. They now say my other name as well. And I will keep the buy links for my Paisley Brown books on this site up-to-date.

So, instead of writing GLBT and erotica under this name as I had planned, I will be writing everything as Jessica E. Subject. I hope you will visit my blog/website there:

I am sorry for any confusion, but I've had to make this decision in order to find more focus with my writing.

I wish you all the very best!

Paisley/Jess XX


Cara Bristol said...

I think this will be much simpler. Just trying to keep track of one pen name is a chore for me.

Paisley Brown said...

I agree, Cara. I'm just trying to find more time for writing. I think this change will help. I'll still be writing the same stories, just under one name now rather than two.

Patricia Green said...

I had a penname once. Oh how it drove me crazy. Now I only have the one name to track, and to make it even easier, it's my real name. Good luck with combining your brands!

Paisley Brown said...

Thank you, Patricia! I'm hoping this makes things easier, too.