Wednesday, October 23, 2013

#HornyHDay - Cara finds her own pleasure in SEX BOOT CAMP by Paisley Brown #erotica

Hello! This is my third Horny Hump Day.

Here's three more sentences from SEX BOOT CAMP, which is coming soon.
The cover is being designed and the story is almost finished.

With the next slap of skin, I plunged my fingers deep inside. 
I fought back the moan threatening to escape. 
Like I needed them to know their fucking made me horny.

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~ Paisley XX


Patricia Green said...

I can hear the "as if" in her thoughts. It looks like she's having quite a good time. Hurry up with the book release! :)

Paisley Brown said...

And this is only the beginning of her time there. ;) I'm working on it. XX

Jenna said...

She certainly seems to be having a good time by herself. Can't wait for her to have company. :) Hot snippet!

Paisley Brown said...

That she is. Thank you, Jenna! XX

Grinelda Markowitz said...

very hot. nicely done autoerotica. good selection this week.