Wednesday, October 30, 2013

#HornyHDay - A double release in SEX BOOT CAMP by Paisley Brown #erotica

Hello! Time for another Horny Hump Day excerpt.
But first, check out the cover!

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Here's three sentences from SEX BOOT CAMP, 
which follow shortly after last week's excerpt.


At the same time that I burst, Natasha’s cries echoed through the room. My pussy clenched around my fingers, liquid fire shooting across every nerve ending. I had a hard time remaining still, hoping my own whimpers were drowned out by the other woman.

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~ Paisley XX


Patricia Green said...

Oh, she shouldn't be embarrassed. The chorus of the two is sweet music to any listener. Good snippet, Paisley.

Paisley Brown said...

Thank you, Patricia! She's still not sure what to expect at Sex Boot Camp. This is just the beginning for Cara. XX

Laurel Lasky said...

OMG!! I need new batteries.

Paisley Brown said...

LOL Laurel. Glad you enjoyed. XX

Grinelda Markowitz said...

You've captured a very hot moment here. Good selection for this week.

Carrie-Anne said...

As long as she won't get in trouble for this, she shouldn't feel the need to disguise what she's been doing. I agree, it would make a very sexy chorus.