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Heather tries harder to get what she wants in SEXY SUITORS FROM SPACE #MySexySaturday #erotica

My Sexy Saturday

Hello everyone! I'm excited to be participating in the 49th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week is all about our sexy heroines. You know the gals we’re talking about.  We’re talking about those ladies who may start as a timid mouse and by the end of the book, we hear them roar. Or how about those heroines are kick-ass from the get-go. Or those who are wonderfully patriotic about their country. Even those who save their heroes over and over again. It could even be those who don’t realize they are saving anyone until the fact is done.

These are the women who make us groan with some of their decisions, make us delight in their every move as we watch them fall in love, reunite with an old lover or just come together in the heat of the moment. It doesn’t matter if the lady is rich, famous or a farm girl. She even could be a bad girl the hero is hoping to rehabilitate. Sexy holds delights for all our ladies as they fall in love or make passionate love anywhere or any time.

Here's seven from SEXY SUITORS FROM SPACE ,which I just found out was picked to be one of the July reads for the Menage Readers Goodreads group. Enjoy!

Set-up: In this sci-fi erotica menage with an HEA, Heather wakes to a knock on the door. It is the same guide who escorted her to her igloo the day before. Though he refused her advances then, she's not about to give up trying to get what she wants.

“Wait, how did you know I was sleeping?” What a missed opportunity.

He dug the toe of his boot into the floor. “I came inside to make sure you were okay. When I saw you were asleep, I didn’t want to bother you.”

Jet lag must have really kicked the crap out of me if I hadn’t noticed someone enter the igloo. “Okay, just give me a minute to dress.” I shifted to stand in front of him, making sure he saw everything. “That is, unless you want to have some fun, first.”

A spark lit his eyes, and he groaned. “I can’t.”

A better reaction than the day before, though still not what I wanted to hear. I cupped the mass of clothing between his legs and pressed my naked body against his parka. “Why not?”

“It’s complicated.” Gripping my shoulders, he guided me away from him, but not before I caught his gaze on me. “Besides, I’m working. Are you coming or not?”

“I’d love to be coming with you deep inside me.”

About the story:

A vacation to the far North...

Heather is gifted a week away at a resort in the Arctic Circle by her grandmother, a chance to finally move on after finding her fiancé in bed with another woman.

With two Nordic hunks to keep her company...

The two sexy studs make it easy to get over her failed relationship. That is, until they tell her their secret.

Are the two men really extraterrestrials or just a fantasy created by her lonely soul?

Caution: Includes alien probing, anal sex, and a hot MFM ménage.

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Don't see how this chick could ever get cold! She'll melt the igloo with innuendo alone.