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Will he make her feel sexy again? #MySexySaturday from SEX BOOT CAMP #erotica #NSFW

Caution! Not Safe For Work!

My Sexy Saturday

Woo-hoo! It's the 50th week of My Sexy Saturday!
HUGE thanks to Lynn Crain for all you do for us authors!

This week is all about making sexy.

Making sexy can mean a variety of things. It can mean making love, making the one you love feel sexy, or to take someone and make them sexy like in Pygmalion. It can be a single person, a loving couple or a polyamorous group determined to make sure everyone feels loved and wanted.

Here's seven from SEX BOOT CAMP, an erotica menage story.

Set-up: In this EROTICA story, Cara is brought to Sex Boot Camp by her boyfriend. After witnessing him with another woman, she doesn't feel sexy anymore. But the others there try to change her attitude.

My nipples hardened with desire, and cream trickled down my legs. I yearned for him to touch me again, as I’d imagined. As he’d promised. “Please,” I whispered, meeting his heated gaze.

Placing his hands on either side of my head, he brought his magical lips to mine. His kiss started soft and sensual, but as he walked me backward, his passion flared and he fucked my mouth with his tongue. My head spun. I couldn’t think straight, only aware of the monstrous need to have him inside me.

He backed me against a cold wall. I clung to him, wrapping my legs around his waist, seeking his warmth.

Trailing kisses along my chin and down my neck, he rocked against me. From the strength of his shaft, I suspected he wanted me as much as I wanted him.

“No camper has ever turned me on like you.” He gripped my thighs and pulled me tighter against him. “It’s your vulnerability, your innocence compared to everyone else here. You’re so fuckin’ sexy and you don’t even know it.”

A sob caught in my throat. No man had ever found me sexy. Past boyfriends either claimed my boobs too small, or my ass too flat. “You’re lying. I don’t believe you.”

“This is exactly why you need to be here. Braeden did you a favor. Can’t you see?” He lowered me to the ground and guided me over to stand in front of the full-length mirror. “Everything about you is perfect. You’ve already had two women after you. And I want you more than you can ever imagine.”


A week away...

After a hectic month at work, Cara expects to spend the next few days relaxing in her pajamas. Until her boyfriend surprises her with a getaway to a remote location.

To open her mind...

When she arrives at Sex Boot Camp, she anticipates her boyfriend will be by her side. Instead, she is left with a houseful of curious young women and a sexy instructor.

And fulfill desires she never dreamed of...

Although reluctant at first, Cara becomes entangled in a world of seduction and wicked fantasies.

Caution: This story contains an Alpha leader who ensures his guests leave satisfied, hot woman-on-woman action, and an MFM ménage that will leave you breathless.


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Lynn Crain said...

Wow...This is hot, hot...HOT. Great sexy excerpt. Thanks for sharing.

Paisley Brown said...

Thank you, Lynn! Glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for all you do with My Sexy Saturday! XX