Saturday, September 6, 2014

Can Cara have sex without a commitment in SEX BOOT CAMP? #MySexySaturday #menage

My Sexy Saturday

Hello! Thank you for joining me for week 58 of My Sexy Saturday!

This week we're sharing excerpts about summer flings and one night stands!
I have those in SEX BOOT CAMP, an erotica menage story.

Set-up: In this EROTICA story, Cara is brought to Sex Boot Camp by her boyfriend. After witnessing her boyfriend with another woman, she decides to leave him and experience all the place has to offer. Though she doesn't expect to be propositioned by two women.

“So, it’s really all about a relationship with you?” Veronica sat up, crossing her legs. “All or nothing. You can’t have passionate, guilt-free sex without a commitment?”

“That’s right. I can’t help but feel an emotional attachment. It’s the way I am.” I lay down on my own bed, staring up at the ceiling. With so many highs and lows that day, I wanted to laugh, scream, and cry all at the same time. The liberation from my decision to bring an end to my relationship with Braeden was not enough to end the guilt.

“I take that as a challenge then,” Veronica said. She and Natasha moved to my bed, sitting on either side of me. “You can have sex with someone and be nothing more than friends. That’s the way it is with Natasha and I.”

“And that’s what we want with you.” Veronica brushed her hand across my bare shoulder. I wrapped the bed sheet tighter around me, trying to ward off Veronica’s touch and the unwanted desire that came with it. I should have dressed long ago.

Pushing her hand aside, I sat up. “I can’t.” Though my pussy thought otherwise, juices already flowing. How much pleasure did my body want in one day?

“You can.” Natasha cupped my chin before her soft lips met mine. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and I gasped. I didn’t want to be a part of this, but couldn’t stop the rush of hunger racing through every nerve ending. My body betrayed me, and I was too weak to stop her.

Veronica moved behind me and straddled my back. As she placed gentle kisses across my shoulders, I moaned into Natasha’s mouth.


A week away...

After a hectic month at work, Cara expects to spend the next few days relaxing in her pajamas. Until her boyfriend surprises her with a getaway to a remote location.

To open her mind...

When she arrives at Sex Boot Camp, she anticipates her boyfriend will be by her side. Instead, she is left with a houseful of curious young women and a sexy instructor.

And fulfill desires she never dreamed of...

Although reluctant at first, Cara becomes entangled in a world of seduction and wicked fantasies.

Caution: This story contains an Alpha leader who ensures his guests leave satisfied, hot woman-on-woman action, and an MFM ménage that will leave you breathless.


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