Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More probing by an unknown creature in Sexy Suitors From Space #HornyHDay #scifi #erotica

Warning! Not Safe For Work!!

Hello and thank you for joining me for another Horny Hump Day!

Sexy Suitors From Space is finished! 
The science fiction erotica story is off to my editors, and I'll be revealing the cover soon.

So, here's another snippet from Sexy Suitors From Space
~Heather has been given a trip to the glass igloos in Finland by her 
grandmother to get over finding her fiance in bed with another woman.~

Here's more probing by the unknown being:

The organism penetrated by mind, my very soul. It probed my thoughts, my fears and dreams. In a matter of minutes, it knew everything about me.

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~ Paisley XX


Anonymous said...

If only earthmen could find out about our needs that easily. Bit scary to be so vulnerable! Congrats on finishing. Well done. Good luck.

Patricia Green said...

I'm not sure I would want anyone (or any being) to know all about me. I'd rather remain a little mysterious. :) However, your plot is turning in an interesting direction. Keep going!

Kathryn R. Blake said...

In some ways, I'd really like someone to know me that well. Know me perhaps better than I know myself. In other ways, that's a really scary thought. I wonder more and more about this alien who's found her. What is it's purpose, and what does it intend to do with all this information it's gathered? Intriguing snippet, Paisley.

Carrie-Anne said...

That kind of mind-probing could be very dangerous if the being doing it has any negative intentions! I hope this turns out well.