Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Probed by the unknown in SEXY SUITORS FROM SPACE #HornyHDay #erotica

Warning! Not Safe For Work!!

Hello and thank you for joining me for another Horny Hump Day!

Sexy Suitors From Space is finished! 
The science fiction erotica story is almost ready to send off to my editors, and I've commisioned Fantasia Frog Designs to create a cover for it.

So, here's another snippet from Sexy Suitors From Space
~Heather has been given a trip to the glass igloos in Finland by her 
grandmother to get over finding her fiance in bed with another woman.~

Okay, so this story really does involve aliens. Here's a sexy sample:

Between my legs, a hard energy probed my pussy. I had no idea how it made contact with me when every time I tried to hold onto the life form, my hand slipped right through. But an obvious hard limb pushed into me as I rocked to take it all in.

Horny Hump Day:
Participating authors post three SEXY sentences from their published works or WIP.
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~ Paisley XX


Cara Bristol said...


Paisley Brown said...

Thank you, Cara! XX

Norma Nored said...

What a TEASE! Okay, so when will this WIP be finished?

Patricia Green said...

Otherworldly. This reminds me of a ST:NG episode, but a lot sexier. :)

Kathryn R. Blake said...

Wow! Invisible to the eye, and her hand slipped right through, and yet very solid when entering her. Intriguing concept, Paisley. Definitely makes me want to know more.

Paisley Brown said...

Hi Nora! This story is finished and will be heading to my editors VERY soon. Plus, I just got the cover for it today. *grins*

Thank you, Patricia! That's a huge complement. :)

Thanks so much, Kathryn! XX

Jenna said...

Hot snippet! This sounds like an incredible alien form--hard and invisible and without substance all at the same time. Now that will keep you going all night!

Carrie-Anne said...

Talk about close encounters of the erotic kind!

Paisley Brown said...

Thank you, Jenna!

Exactly what I was going for, Carrie-Anne.

Thank you all for visiting! XX