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UNDER THE AURORA ~ An F/F short story for #LoveSpanks 2014 ~ Over $1,000 in prizes!

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Under The Aurora

by Jessica E. Subject writing as Paisley Brown

This short F/F story shows what happens with two of the characters in Sex Boot Camp after they leave the resort. And it is set in the same place as Sexy Suitors From Space, Paisley's next release. Enjoy!

Veronica laid back on the queen-size bed, staring at the gold ring around her left index finger. Married. Something she never expected to be since declaring to the world she was a lesbian. Maybe showing her parents a YouTube video of her kissing Natasha wasn’t the best way to tell them of her sexual preference, but they’d been more supportive than she expected. The comments from viewers had been encouraging as well, giving her the nerve she needed to ask the most amazing woman in the world to be her bride. And now they were on their honeymoon, up in Finland for Valentine’s Day.

“You ready yet, Tash?” Veronica loved her wife, she really did. But how much primping time does she really need? They were only leaving their honeymoon suite to spend one night under the stars in a glass igloo. A short trek they’d be bundled up in snow suits for.

“Almost ready,” Natasha called.

Her voice echoed in the Versace-influenced grand bathroom, a room they’d already christened several times over since arriving. In the tub, the shower, and plenty of times in the sauna.

Veronica squeezed her knees together, trying to ignore the warmth between her legs, the heat flaring up in her belly. They didn’t have time for another round, their guide due to arrive in less than ten minutes.

“As long as you have clothes on, you’re ready.” The woman was sexy as hell whether dressed in a designer suit to go into the office or covered in sweat with her hair tousled from a session of hot and sweaty fun. Natasha could wear an ugly floor-length house robe for all she cared. I’ll never stop wanting her.

A knock at the front door stole Veronica away from her thoughts. She raced for the entrance, opening the door to a very large bundle of clothing. Even most of the guy’s face was covered, though with a golden scruff rather than fabric. If she hadn’t come out of the closet, she’d definitely want to see more of him. But her days of sex with men were over. She’d gone to Sex Boot Camp with her boyfriend, and left with a girlfriend, content to end her days of trying to be someone she wasn’t.

“I’m here to take you to the glass igloo. Please, join me outside when you’re ready.”

Veronica nodded. “Thank you. We’ll be right out.”

Patience wearing thin, she headed for the bathroom. “C’mon Tash. Our guide’s here already. Time to go.” 

Her wife strolled out of the bathroom like an angel from the heavens. With blonde curls bouncing across her shoulders and her full lips painted in a shimmering pink, Natasha looked good enough to eat. Right there on the spot. A pink corset lined with black lace trim hugged her delectable curves, and left plenty of cleavage for her viewing pleasure. A matching barely-there g-string and black patterned stockings completed the outfit.

Veronica whimpered, her clit throbbing for attention. “You’re such a tease, you know that?”

“I’m glad it worked.” She winked. “Now let’s bundle up and head out.”

Even with all the winter gear, they were dressed in no time and met their Nordic guide outside. Though Veronica didn’t need any extra clothing, the desire coursing through her veins providing plenty of additional heat. She clenched her fists inside her deerskin gloves, fighting the urge to tackle Natasha in the snow and remove every last piece of clothing. Thank goodness they didn’t have to trudge very far in the snow-brightened dark.

A quick tour of the igloo, consisting of a bedroom, a closet, and a bathroom with only a toilet and sink, and the guide left.

Veronica stripped down to nothing , too impatient to enjoy the surroundings. If any of their igloo neighbors saw her through the glass, she didn’t care, only focused on making love to Natasha. And, of course, her wife, already rid of her snow pants, was far too slow in removing her coat. The wicked grin she wore proof of her purposefully unhurried movements.

“Here, let me.” Veronica grabbed the front of the coat and pulled her closer. The snow on the fabric did nothing to deter her lust. Only going to melt anyway.

Staring into her lover’s eyes, she pulled down the zipper little by little, playing the same game. At the first peek of cleavage, she lost the ability to breathe. Want stole away even the most basic of instincts.

As she slid the coat off Natasha’s shoulders and down her arms, her hands shook.

“I can’t believe you’re already breathless from just taking off my coat.” Natasha palmed her cheek, brushing a thumb along her bottom lip. She leaned closer until her lips touched Veronica’s ear. “Just wait until I’m between your legs, making you scream.”

Veronica moaned. Juices ran down her thighs, her legs nearly giving out.

Gripping her ass, Natasha pulled her in tight, claiming her lips. With her persistent tongue, she stroked her mouth to ecstasy. The fluttering in her pelvis spread through her body like a hoard of butterflies on the loose. She was going to come, just from kissing and being in the arms of the woman she loved. With a high-pitch keening, she detonated, her body convulsing with every play of Natasha’s tongue. She turned her head to the side, clinging to her lover in an attempt to regain her balance. And her breath.

“Dammit, Natasha, how do you do that?” At their wedding, she’d almost come in front of all their guests just from her wife’s erotic kiss.

Natasha winked. “If you knew, it wouldn’t be the same. Now, if you want any more of my clothes off, you have to take them off. With your teeth.”

Electric tension still whirling inside her, Veronica guided her wife to the bed. She could do teeth, not a problem. I’ll just use my hands for other things.

“I want you on your belly. As much as I love that corset, it’s coming off.”

Her lover complied, laying on her stomach, legs spread apart. The scent of Natasha’s sex left her quivering with anticipation. She crawled over her, resting on all fours.

Leaning down, she kissed between Natasha’s shoulder blades, enjoying her lover’s shiver in response. She bit down on the ribbon holding the corset together. With a yank, she untied the knot. Got it! Though loosening it the rest of the way proved more difficult. Between her tongue and her teeth, Veronica fumbled with the ribbon with little success. Fuck it! This is taking too long.

Using her hands, she unfastened the few clips and pulled the corset apart.

Natasha flipped onto her back. “Hey, you’re cheating.”

“The present was taking far too long to unwrap.” Straddling her waist, Veronica palmed her breasts. So soft and tender. Her toes curled and she devoured her lover’s sweet lips. Their tongues mated in a scorching kiss. An erotic growl escaped her as she pulled away, wanting to savor the puckered nipples in her hands. 

She circled her tongue around the tip then sucked hard, just the way Natasha liked it. Between using her tongue and her teeth, she had her wife writhing across the bed, cursing and panting.

“Oh, God, Roni, more. Fuck me, baby.”

Veronica flicked the soaked g-string to the side and plunged two fingers inside her lover. With long, hard strokes, she fucked Natasha until she burst with a scream, her muscles clutching tight.

She laid down beside Natasha to give her a chance to catch her breath, but her wife shucked off the rest of her clothes and rolled on top, her thigh between Veronica’s legs.

Veronica lifted her leg over Natasha’s back and ground against her. She pulled her closer for a body simmering kiss. Lips, tongues, hands everywhere, leaving her head spinning in a flurry of passion, hungry to give pleasure as much as to receive it. She clasped her wife’s ass, drawing her forward. Perfect.

Sucking on Natasha’s rosy nipple, she reached around to stroke Natasha to ecstasy. Writhing while rubbing. Moaning while flicking.

With the force of a brick wall, her climax slammed into her. Pleasure laced with fire tore through her veins, lighting up every nerve ending.

Natasha cried out over her, succumbing to her own orgasm. They gripped each other tight, riding out the waves of bliss.

Rolling to the side, Natasha cupped her breast. “That was.... God, I love you.”

Veronica turned and kissed her sweet, soft lips, buzzing with satisfaction. “I love you, too. Always.” She glanced up, peering through the glass roof. Wisps of green danced across the sky, highlighted by purples and blues. “Look, Tash, it’s the Northern Lights.”

Natasha cuddled in close and gazed up. “It’s beautiful, though not even close to being as beautiful as you.” 

Veronica smiled, happy to have found the person she was meant to spend the rest of her life with.

Sex Boot Camp by Paisley BrownSEX BOOT CAMP 
by Paisley Brown

A week away...

After a hectic month at work, Cara expects to spend the next few days relaxing in her pajamas. Until her boyfriend surprises her with a getaway to a remote location.

To open her mind...

When she arrives at Sex Boot Camp, she anticipates her boyfriend will be by her side. Instead, she is left with a houseful of curious young women and a sexy instructor.

And fulfill desires she never dreamed of...

Although reluctant at first, Cara becomes entangled in a world of seduction and wicked fantasies.

Caution: This story contains an Alpha leader who ensures his guests leave satisfied, hot woman-on-woman action, and an MFM ménage that will leave you breathless.

ON SALE February 1-16 for only $0.99!!

Discussion Question:

Veronica and Natasha decided to spend their honeymoon up north in the snowy Arctic Circle. If you could spend your honeymoon anywhere in the world, where would you go?


Enter to WIN an ebook of Winner's Choice of Unknown Futures, Never Gonna Let You Go, or Never Gonna Desert You by Jessica E. Subject. Simply answer the discussion question above (with your email address in the message) for your chance to WIN! Winner will be gifted ebook from All Romance eBooks. Contest is international. Must be 18 or older to enter. No purchase necessary.

For a complete list of participating authors, please click here.

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Leigh Smith aka Sunny Girl said...

Veronica and Natasha, quite a pair.


Paisley Brown said...

Thank you so much, Leigh! XX

Sidney Swann said...

That was a wicked hot scene, and so well-written. Loved it!

Paisley Brown said...

Wow, thank you, Sidney! XX

Anonymous said...

We spent ours in Mount Horeb in a rented house where we got married, and the rest of it was in a suite at a hotel in Madison at a kink event.

I'd like to go to Paris for two weeks if I could pick anywhere.

Anonymous said...

We spent our honeymoon in Banff, Alberta where we were married. Now divorced if I had a second chance, I'd go for a secluded lake in summer Kootney country.

Paisley Brown said...

Both sound like wonderful places, Helen. :)